Coronary Intensive Care Unit

Coronary Intensive Care Unit

About the Branch

Coronary Intensive Care Units are specialized units in which patients who are at serious risk of life in terms of heart disease are followed up closely and the slightest change in vital signs is detected and immediately intervened.

It was established in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit of Private Grandmedical Hospital to best respond to this need. Coronary Intensive Care Unit provides 24-hour uninterrupted service with physicians, nurses, staff and 12 beds under the responsibility of an interventional cardiologist.

Private Grandmedical Hospital Coronary Intensive Care Unit patients who have had a heart attack, who went into shock due to a heart disease that is under the threat of a heart attack, who need support or who have arrhythmia that requires intervention, are hospitalized, as well as patients who are treated for existing non-cardiac diseases. and in patients who need to be followed closely from a cardiac point of view during these treatments. In addition, patients who have undergone heart surgery are usually taken to the Coronary Intensive Care unit for 2 days, where they experience the adaptation and recovery processes to go to the service.

Private Grandmedical Hospital  Coronary Intensive Care Unit is equipped with the latest technology and modern devices, and ECG, blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen level, respiratory loss, body temperature are continuously measured for each patient, and these features are monitored centrally at the main counter at the same time.

There is a central oxygen system in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit of Private Grandmedical Hospital, and the room has been designed in the best way, taking into account the comfort of the patient. In the electrophysiology room of the Private Grandmedical Hospital Coronary Intensive Care unit, temporary battery application can be made to the patients in need at any time. Patients in need of respiratory support are also closely followed by being connected to a ventilator at any time.

Visits in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit of Private Grandmedical Hospital are included in certain hours by prioritizing the health of the patients. However, necessary additional applications are made considering the needs of the patients.